Kingdom of the Dinosaurs 2006-2010


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
378Naughty Number NineFebruary 16Pokemon
379Dialogue MasterMarch 2Bleach
380Strollin'March 21Misc
381Four More YearsAugust 5Dinosaur Birthday
382The NumbersAugust 10CoD: Black Ops
383Mighty Good LeaderAugust 13FF: Tactics Advance
384Love Liberty DiscoAugust 16MGS 3: Snake Eater
385The Soul CagesAugust 28Dinosaurs
386Getting to "Paras" is HardSeptember 1Pokemon
387Hallows HurtingOctober 31Hallows Eve
388It Goes In While It Comes OutNovember 6Misc
389Dancin'!November 12Borderlands
390Dinosaurs Are ForeverDecember 16Dinosaurs
391SuperfriendDecember 17Misc
392Wrecking BallDecember 18Misc
393Mean StreetsDecember 19FF: Tactics Advance
394Sad for Who?December 20Dragonball Z
395Poison StingDecember 21Dinosaurs
396Roger RogerDecember 22Star Wars
397Awesome PossumDecember 23Misc
398You've Got a Heart of GoldDecember 25A Christmas Carol/Final Fantasy
399You've Got a Heart of ColdDecember 28A Christmas Carol/Final Fantasy


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
400The Kingdom of the Dinosaurs 400th 4-KomaJanuary 6Dinosaurs
401Humbug to All!January 21A Christmas Carol/Final Fantasy
402Brady's RevengeFebruary 5Super Bowl XLVI
403Leading ManFebruary 25A Christmas Carol/Final Fantasy
404InterventionMarch 4A Christmas Carol/Final Fantasy
405Sunny Side UpApril 5MGS4
406Praise the Sun!May 17Dark Souls
407Rifleman's CreedJune 2MGS3: Snake Eater
408Trouble in ParadiseJune 7My Little Pony
409'Mane'slaughterJune 12My Little Pony
410Brain DamageJune 19Katamari Damacy
411Arma-Dealy-OJune 23Pokemon
412Dark SnailsJune 30Dark Souls
413Behind Objectivism: A Critical Summary of Ayn RandJuly 9Tenchi Muyo
414Knotty PsycheJuly 12Psychonauts
415Triple TriadAugust 1Final Fantasy X-2/My Little Pony
416Kuwabara KuwabaraOctober 24Yu Yu Hakusho
417The D's Nuzlock Series: 01 - I'm a Cyborg, but Rat's OK!November 19Pokemon
418Misty MountainsDecember 20Pokemon
419Ay'Ache'aDecember 30Tenchi Muyo


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
420Golden EraJanuary 10Final Fantasy X
421Sonny SanchezJanuary 25Skyrim/God of War
422Rolling StoneFebruary 5Pokemon
423BlitzkriegFebruary 22Final Fantasy X
424The Difference is Night and DayMarch 5Batman
425Separate WaysMarch 18Resident Evil 4
426Top PercentageApril 23Pokemon
427Clowning Around TownMay 11Clowns
428The Brute SquadMay 28MGS3
429Grossly FluorescentJune 23Dark Souls
430Never TellingAugust 13Ace Combat 4
431Boys to MenAugust 30The Hunchback of Notre Dame


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
432Muy Caliente!June 16Dinosaurs!

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs 2006-2010

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