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#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
1ConniptionMay 10Misc
2Ralph the RetardMay 11Misc
3Bunniferous T. FerdinandMay 12Misc
4Searching for Nothing in ParticularMay 13Misc
5PoetryMay 14Misc
6Our First Game Related ComicMay 15Super Mario Brothers 3
7Wheel of...Hey, That's Not a Thing!May 16Wheel of Fortune
8Mario Holding Onto PikachuMay 17Super Smash Brothers Brawl
9Ghosts of Pac ManMay 18Pac Man
10Brilliant AIMay 19Metal Gear Solid
11Don't Feed the Local Wildlife.May 20Metal Gear
12Super Mushroom RapeMay 21Mario Brothers
13Grand Theft Auto-What You Shouldn't DoMay 22Grand Theft Auto
14An Idiot's Gran TurismoMay 23Misc/Gran Turismo
15A Tribute to Leo and AerisMay 24VGCats
16The Secret Life Of SonicMay 25Sonic the Hedgehog
17Fresh... Grocery Fresh...May 26Misc
18YAY! Link SPEAKS!May 27Legend of Zelda
19Grand Theft Auto-What You Shouldn't Do 2May 28Grand Theft Auto
20The Darker Side of Mario KartMay 29Mario Kart DS
21Bloodsucking Lawyer. NOW CARBONATED!May 30Misc/Doctor Mario
22Violence, Like Only Meteos Can DeliverMay 31Meteos
23Any Resemblance to Dan Rather is Purely CoincidentalJune 1Dan Blather News
24The Darker Side of Mario Kart Part 2June 2Mario Kart DS
26It Just Wouldn't Be Right if We Didn'tJune 4X-Box
27Almost as Cold and Robotic as DanJune 5Dan Blather News
28GBS Special Report-Murders Involving Online GamingJune 6MMORPGs
29Taking a Moment to Rub It in.June 6June 6
30Beware the ShinyJune 8Katamari Damacy/Star Wars
31The Darker Side of Mario Kart Part 3June 9Mario Kart DS
32Suckiest Ninja EVERJune 10Naruto
33Nintendo Gets HisJune 11Nintendo/Sony
34Navi had it coming....damn FCC!June 12Legend of Zelda
35PS3, A Computer?June 13Dan Blather News
36Remember that Story Arc? No? Me Neither.June 14Misc
37Grand Theft Auto-What You Shouldn't Do 3: Table TennisJune 15Table Tennis
38Backpacks Need Their Own Games Too!June 16Ratchet and Clank
39Pronunciation KeyJune 17Dragonballz Budokai Tenkaichi
40The ManhandlaJune 18Legend of Zelda
41Pixel Life!June 19Misc
42Blaster on Your Arm? That's Unhealthy.June 20Dan Blather News/Megaman
43Vegas DreamJune 21Vegas Dream
44WarioWare: TouchedJune 22WarioWare: Touched
45Nintendo DS AftermathJune 23Nintendo DS
46Pixel Life 2June 24Misc
47Nintendo DS LiteJune 25Nintendo DS Lite/Indiana Jones
48Advance WarsJune 26Advance Wars: Dual Strike
49Super Robot BrothersJune 27Super Mario Brothers
50Comic 50! Huzzah!June 28E.T.
51The All Important Follow-upJune 29Misc
52The Beatles, As They Should Have BeenJune 30Pac-Man/The Beatles
53Random Comic #1July 1"The Juggernaut, Bitch!" Video
54Random Comic #2July 2Darth Sidious Infomercial
55Random Comic #3July 3Crappy MSPaint Comics
56Lord Teron Presents: Golden SunJuly 4Golden Sun
57Lord Teron Presents: Ralphie GumpJuly 5Forrest Gump
58Disturbing Nintendo DS ComicJuly 6Nintendo DS
59News You Can't UseJuly 7Dan Blather News
60C. Cola Ace AttorneyJuly 8Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
61Stupid Fun with Guild WarsJuly 9Guild Wars
62Worst Named Video Games EVER!July 10Misc Titles
63There Really is Such Things as MiraclesJuly 11Dan Blather News
64Cloud Sure Has a Big "Sword"July 12Final Fantasy VII
65Worst Named Video Games EVER! 2July 13Misc Titles
66An Inspiring Role Model...July 14Halo
67Pokemon Pink: Prostitute EditionJuly 15Pokemon games
68Same Ole...Same Ole...July 16Dynasty Warriors series
69Katamari on the...Ah SnapJuly 17Katamari Damacy
70Mr. Owl, Can Psi Powers Stop A Bullet?July 18Psychonauts
71Random Comic #4July 19Misc
72This Really is a Grim FandangoJuly 20Grim Fandango/misc films
73Stupid Fun with Half-Life 2July 21Half-Life 2
74Random Comic #5 or The Story That DiedJuly 22Misc
75Coin ArtJuly 23The Coins
76GTA-What You Shouldn't Do 4: Hot Coffee ModJuly 24Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
77Did You Check the Classifieds?July 26Devil May Cry
78YOU'RE WELCOME.July 28Misc
79The Invisible ManJuly 29Dan Blather News
80A Conventional DeathJuly 31E3
81You Wore That Into the Forest? Idiot.August 2Star Wars
82Pixel Life 3August 4Misc
83Naruto Jokes: Keeping Pace with TeronAugust 7Naruto
84CATS!August 9Zero Wing
85Shine a Little LoveAugust 11Misc
86GA Creators Action Figures: IanAugust 14Misc
87MY FACE!August 15Misc
88GA Creators Action Figures: BrentAugust 16Misc
89I Should Do This More OftenAugust 18T-Rac
90Hit Him AgainAugust 21Naruto
91GA's Desolate Robot World TourAugust 23Desolate Robot
92Get it? Because he's in Greece?August 25God of War
93The Other "Drug Stores"August 28Misc
94He's a Pretty BoyAugust 29Misc
95By Popular RequestAugust 30Katamari Damacy
96Magikarp InquiresAugust 31Magikarp (duh)
97Animal BeatersSeptember 1A piece of Pie
98Comic Cliches 1: Sprite ComicsSeptember 2Bad Sprite Comics
99Marble AwkwardnessSeptember 4Marble Madness
100Donut HairSeptember 6Star Wars/Katamari Damacy
101The Ceremonial FlushSeptember 8Tim Allen
102His Triumphant ReturnSeptember 11Ralph
103It's!September 12Ackbar
104Fai Dee, Fai DeeSeptember 13Teletubbies
105Fai Dee, Fai Dee (alternate ending)September 14Teletubbies
106Pixel Life 4September 15Misc
107You Guys Are PatheticSeptember 18Naruto/Metal Gear Solid
108I Like My Metal Gear with an Egg on ItSeptember 20Metal Gear Solid
109I Like My Metal Gear with an Egg on It 2September 22Metal Gear Solid/Splinter Cell
110Interview with an IdiotSeptember 25Smacktalk
111Put It Back Where You Found ItSeptember 27Legend of Zelda
112The Darker Side of Mario Kart Part 4September 29Mario Kart DS
113That Definitely Didn't Happen in the MovieOctober 2LEGO Star Wars II
114Hey....Hey......Hey......Like....Listen.October 4Legend of Zelda
115Hey....Hey......Hey......Like....Listen. 2October 6Legend of Zelda
116GenerationsOctober 9consoles
117Catch'em on the ReboundOctober 11Rare/Nintendo/Microsoft
118Money Solves All of Life's ProblemsOctober 13Bill Gates/PS3
119Pokemon Black: Emo EditionOctober 16Pokemon
120Good Idea, Bad IdeaOctober 18Link/Wii/Misc
121Oh DearOctober 20Shadow of the Colossus
122The Golden ArchesOctober 23McDonalds/Dairy Queen
123Nintendo 'N' SonyOctober 25Misc
124OK, Mr. SunshineOctober 27The Prince
125FREEDOM!!!October 27We Love Katamari
126Por QueOctober 30Misc
127Organ DonorNovember 1Indiana Jones
128Political Scandals Make Me GiggleNovember 3Mark Foley
129A Second TributeNovember 6VGCats
130Wachowski Cat BurglarsNovember 8Speed Racer
131GA ClassicsNovember 10Mario Party
132GA Classics IINovember 13Mortal Kombat II
133GA Classics IIINovember 15Misc
134Babies and Rubik's CubesNovember 20Ken Kutaragi
135Homeowners InsuranceNovember 27Eeyore
136Pac-ManiaDecember 4Pac-Man World Rally
137Tennis for TwoDecember 11Pong
138Polar OppositesDecember 18console launches
139The GA Not Completely Inappropriate ChristmasDecember 25Christmas


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
140Our Newest Comic Ever!January 1New Years
141Seasick CrocodileJanuary 8Grinch/Banjo Kazooie
142Some Wars Involve HaloJanuary 15Halo Wars
143Shadow of the Camera AnglesJanuary 22Shadow of the Colossus
144I Got a Million Of'emJanuary 30Final Fantasy XII
145OldiesFebruary 5Legend of Zelda
146HeartFebruary 14Valentine's Day
147Self ReferencingFebruary 19The Coins
148Cue Shadowy AmbienceFebruary 27Twilight Princess
149Pokemon White: Powder EditionMarch 7Pokemon
150Grand Theft Auto-What You Shouldn't Do 5March 12Grand Theft Auto
151DK RapMarch 20Donkey Kong 64
152Creativity ReignsMarch 26Madden
153Creativity Reigns 2March 28Wrestling
154Creativity Reigns 3March 30Wrestling Games
155Civil War Character DesignApril 4DD Civil War
156A Public Service AnnouncementApril 9Kingdom of the Dinosaurs
157Don't Ask. Don't Tell.April 16Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
158The Obligatory Second Public Service AnnouncementApril 25Sandwiches
159Only in New JerseyApril 30Super Paper Mario
160Flip-Flop DropMay 8The Gallows Pole
161I Like Where This Is GoingMay 17Roleplaying
162Four Reasons to Love, Four Reasons to HateMay 22The Powerpuff Girls
163Jack In, Megaman!May 29Megaman
164Raiders of the Lost BoxJune 6Windows Vista/Raiders of the Lost Ark
165Pixel Life 5: Pixel PurgatoryJune 8PSP/Misc
166300? One is PlentyJune 13300/God of War
167Father-Son RelationsJune 17God of War 2
168Ashley Graham is a SkankJune 23Resident Evil 4
169Be My Viking!June 25Kappa Mikey
170ShortyJune 26Katamari Damacy
171Ashley Graham is a Skank (color)July 1Resident Evil 4
172Code ChimpsJuly 5Code Monkeys
173Not Yaoi But Close EnoughJuly 9Revenge of the Sith
174Learning ToleranceJuly 14Misc
175Can't Melt Fast EnoughJuly 17Icarus - Fall from Favor
176Surplus RulesJuly 22The Avatar
177Fighting Robot Freshness!July 25Gundam/Dynasty Warriors
178'Cause Knowledge is Power!July 31Misc
179Don't Play DirectorAugust 3Full Metal Alchemist/Gigli
180Lol, CactuarAugust 6Final Fantasy
181Stormtrooper SyndromeAugust 12Star Wars
182OK, Mr. Sunshine 2August 14Katamari Damacy
183Look kids, it's Bidoofus!August 18Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl
184Bidoofus Strikes Again!August 23Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl
185Pokemon: Onyx EditionAugust 29Pokemon
186Don't Stand So Close to MeSeptember 3Inuyasha
187Get to It!September 10Vault commercials
188Don't Stop BelievingSeptember 15Metal Gear/Naruto
189Thanks, Eagle EyeSeptember 19Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl
190Panda BearSeptember 27Star Wars
191A Cold RealityOctober 6Kappa Mikey
192We So 'Punny'October 10God of War
193OK, Mr. Sunshine 3October 20Katamari Damacy
194BreadyOctober 28Tom Brady
195V for VandalismNovember 5V for Vendetta
196We is Smart. We is Clever.November 12Final Fantasy XII
197Soaking WetNovember 22Baten Kaitos
198The Chosen OneNovember 25Pokemon
199By the Power of Grey SkullNovember 29Final Fantasy VII
200We Are the ChampionsDecember 2milestone
201Over the Counter and Through the WoodsDecember 12Peach and pills
202Over the Counter and Through the Woods (Act II)December 17Daisy and acid
203Simple MindsDecember 22Kingdom of the Dinosaurs
204Stapled Not StitchedDecember 25Staples's Christmas commercial
205AirframeDecember 25Christmas


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
206Dairy FuhrerJanuary 3Dairy Queen
207Girl PowerJanuary 6Final Fantasy X-2
208Smells like Teen Spear-itJanuary 9American 007
209Patty Cake, Patty CakeJanuary 12Universe vs. The Patriots
210CrosswalkJanuary 24Animal Crossing/Trauma Center
211The Imperfect PatsiesFebruary 3The Patriots/SB XLII
212Ralph Loves Moving PicturesFebruary 9Ralph
213It's a Kind of MagicFebruary 14Misc
214Historically AccurateFebruary 20Wolfenstein 3D
215BroadwayFebruary 29Katamari Damacy
216Results Not TypicalMarch 5Harvest Moon
217Play Time is OverMarch 16Dynasty Warriors 6
218Mr. NyquilMarch 19Misc
219Intelligence RulezMarch 23Revenge of the Sith
220EnlightenmentMarch 30Jack Thompson
221Larsa the Actually EvilApril 2Final Fantasy XII
222Top MenApril 8Indiana Jones/Super Mario Brothers
223SkeechesApril 9Misc
224RegifterApril 13Katamari Damacy
225ColosswussApril 14Shadow of the Colossus
226Snake and EggsApril 18Metal Gear Solid
227Victory FanfareApril 22Boktai 3
228Silly.April 26Misc
229I'll Take the Case!April 27Star Wars
230Plot HoleApril 28Star Wars
231Keep It In Your...Pants?April 29Star Wars
232BummerApril 30Star Wars
233Tarkin's TubMay 1Star Wars
234Oh No, the Rancor!May 2Star Wars
235Star Wars GuysMay 4Star Wars
236A Storybook RomanceMay 12Tales of Symphonia
237The Things That MatterMay 16Baten Kaitos Origins
238Stone Cold CrazyMay 20two years running
239An Age Old TabooMay 28Smash Brothers Brawl
240What's Happenin'?June 1The Happening
241How to Recognize Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way AwayJune 9Good Idea/Bad Idea
242The Golden Age of BallooningJune 12Fellowship of the Ring
243The Greatest Story Ever ToldJune 17The Desolate Doctor
244(Or: Untitled)June 19Pokemon
245Man's Crisis of IdentityJune 20Pokemon
246Design on a DimeJune 21Pokemon
247Running from the DevilJune 23Pokemon
248Tie Your Mother DownJune 25Pokemon
249InnuendoJune 26Pokemon
250Mr. Blue SkyJune 27Pokemon
251Fun is a Renewable ResourceJune 30Pokemon
252Don't Rock the BoatJuly 2Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
253Catch You on the FlipsideJuly 6Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
254Catch You on the EdispilfJuly 7Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
255The Greatest Story Ever Told IIJuly 10The Desolate Doctor
256Know Your RootsJuly 13The KotD Dinosaur
257Cenozoic ParkJuly 14The KotD Dinosaur
258Crunchy in MilkJuly 15Metal Gear Solid
259Angry British Soccer HooliganJuly 19Super Mario Galaxy
260Pat Effin MoritaJuly 21Karate Kid
261DrifterJuly 24Katamari Damacy
262Unsolved MysteriesJuly 28Misc
263Keanu is a FoolAugust 1Keanu Reeves
264HeetlahAugust 4Hitler
265Cream and SugarAugust 8Misc
266It is Your DestinyAugust 11Super Mario Brothers
267Big Head ModeAugust 12cheat codes
268The Best Comic EverAugust 17Misc
269One to Rule Them AllAugust 22Trojan Man/LotR
270Nike 'n' China Sittin' in a TreeAugust 25Nike/China
271Disposable IncomeAugust 29God of War
272Effort Not IncludedSeptember 1Misc
273Clark Who?September 5Superman
274The Tragedy of BreadySeptember 7Tom Brady
275The Greatest Story Ever Told IIISeptember 12The Desolate Doctor
276Darks and LightsSeptember 17Bleach
277A Friendly ReminderSeptember 29Misc
278Junk in the TrunkOctober 5God of War 2
279The Road CrewOctober 10Psychonauts
280Faerie BoiOctober 17Legend of Zelda
281The Story of NothingOctober 22God of War
282Hear No EvilOctober 30Baten Kaitos
283Kill NaviNovember 5Legend of Zelda
284Stamen SuckingNovember 9Misc
285The Kings and INovember 15anime
286BetrayalNovember 20Misc
287Gray FridayNovember 29Black Friday
288Baggy TrousersDecember 7God of War
289LOL VandalismDecember 14Misc
290What...Are You Buyin'?December 17Pokemon/Resident Evil 4
291Little Drummer BoyDecember 25Little Drummer Boy/Drumline
292Armored CoreDecember 28Final Fantasy XII


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
293Sweet MemoriesJanuary 2SMB2/Star Wars
294RocketmanJanuary 2SMB2/Star Wars
295Leaders of TomorrowJanuary 6Misc
296Let's Laugh at the Cripples Waltzing in CirclesJanuary 10Legend of Zelda
297The Welfare StateJanuary 15Metal Gear/Naruto
298The Money ProgrammeJanuary 21Yaz
299The Nude OrganistJanuary 31Metal Gear Solid 2/3
300In MemoriamFebruary 3300 comics
301KotD 2: Electric BoogalooFebruary 7Misc
302Owl Stretching TimeFebruary 14Rogue Galaxy
303The Maltese FalconFebruary 22Sly Cooper
304The Melancholy of Some Dumb WhoreMarch 1anime
305Ghost StoryMarch 4A New Hope
306Pixel Life 6March 16Pixel Life
307BluebirdsMarch 22Misc/Naruto
308Rebel DreamMarch 25Mario Brothers/Star Wars
309Man in a SuitcaseApril 2The Empire Strikes Back
310Red WarriorApril 7Gauntlet
311Letters to the EditorApril 29Misc
312No Fat ChicksMay 20God of War II
313I Feel Something...June 1Katamari Damacy
314I Feel Something... 2June 6Katamari Damacy
315Mustache WigsJune 8Misc
316Caution FlagJune 12Speed Racer/DirectTV
317Blastoff!June 19Pokemon/MGS 3
318Blastoff! 2June 22Pokemon
319Blastoff! 3June 27Pokemon
320Blastoff! 4June 30Pokemon
321Blastoff! 5July 3Pokemon
322Masque of the Red DeathJuly 8Code Geass
323Holy Halitosis!July 14Inuyasha/Radiata Stories
324Celebrate the LoveJuly 16Star Wars
325Trapeze ArtistJuly 19Star Wars/Ackbar
326GrandstandJuly 24Misc
327In the ArmyJuly 29Advance Wars
328TunaAugust 3Final Fantasy X
329"Adventurous" AttorneyAugust 12Pheonix Wright
330Mario Goes to JailAugust 17Super Mario Brothers
331Mario Goes to Jail 2August 26Super Mario Brothers
332Mario Goes to Jail 3September 4Super Mario Brothers
333Mario Goes to Jail 4September 11Super Mario Brothers
333.5Inuyasha the Lying LiarSeptember 23Inuyasha
334Looks Like AmmoSeptember 24Resident Evil 4
335Mario Goes to Jail 5September 29Super Mario Brothers
335.5No I in TeamOctober 6Misc
336PleaseOctober 12Naruto
337Don't Touch MeOctober 13Naruto
338Right AroundOctober 14Naruto
339ThereOctober 15Naruto
340It TicklesOctober 16Naruto
341ResterrorantOctober 23Misc
342Pimple PowerOctober 30Katamari Damacy
343Dinosaur Hallows EveNovember 1Halloween/Inuyasha
344Driven to TearsNovember 7Katamari Damacy
345On Any Other DayNovember 13Powerpuff Girls
346Truth Hits EverybodyNovember 20Final Fantasy Tactics
347Let's Get SerialNovember 29Network TV
348Four Little DiamondsDecember 5Dragon Warrior
349Little Town FlirtDecember 12Kirby/Mark Foley
350Second Time AroundDecember 20Katamari Damacy
351Cretaceous ChristmasDecember 25Dinosaur Christmas
352PikabluDecember 31Pokemon


#Comic TitleRelease DateGame/Subject Featured
353Buffalo BillJanuary 8Misc
354Strange MagicJanuary 15Final Fantasy XII
355Pixel Life 3DJanuary 24Pixel Life
356Sorrow About to FallFebruary 2Misc
357Diamonds Are ForeverFebruary 13Indiana Stones (get it?)
358Don't Bring Me DownFebruary 18Parappa the Rapper
359Balance of PowerFebruary 25Facebook
360Ben Vereen Goes ThereMarch 7Ben Vereen
361Super TrampMarch 14Star Wars
362I <3 the RenaissanceMarch 27I Love the 80's
363Let's Limbo!April 1FFXII
364DramaMay 4Family Feud/Romeo & Juliet
365Dinosaur BirthdayMay 10KotD Four Years
366Tactical Anime ActionMay 22Metal Gear Solid 3
367Gamers AnonymousMay 30game addiction
368"Guest"ing GameJune 4Misc
369Metal Gear Rap BattleJune 12Metal Gear Solid 3
370Metal Gear Rap Battle 2July 2Metal Gear Solid 3
371Metal Gear Rap Battle 3July 7Metal Gear Solid 3
372Metal Gear Rap Battle 4July 15Metal Gear Solid 3
373Metal Gear Rap Battle 5July 25Metal Gear Solid 3
374Child SoldiersAugust 12Modern Warfare 2
375Love Over GoldOctober 1Modern Warfare 2
376Salutations DinosaurOctober 9Dinosaurs!
377The Great PumpkinOctober 31MGS3/Halloween

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