Kingdom of the Dinosaurs Questions and Answers!

Question #1 - How did Kingdom of the Dinosaurs come to be?

Answer - KotD start in May of 2006. It was the brainchild of myself and Ian Taylor, thought up on a school bus as it were. It was called Gamers Anonymous, and it would be MSPaint comics that were better than the average MSPaint comic.

Question #2 - So, what happened to that?

Answer - To compress a fair bit of time in a small space, Ian left to work on his projects. I started drawing "for realzies", and David A.D.II began working with me on the comic. The MSPaint aspect died a horrific death... or glorious? You decide.

Question #3 - What happened to Ralph then?

Answer - He also dead.

Question #4 - Really?

Answer - I say you he dead.

Question #5 - How come you don't update often?

Answer - Because you're so ugly!

Question #6 - Well... well, you're just a big stupid meanieface guy!

Answer - I am. Haha, I laugh towards you! U.G.L.Y., you ain't got no alibi!

Question #7 - Anywho, will you be my friend?

Answer - I... guess? You can add me on MSN at You can add me on PSN. I'm SomeKindOfZombie. Otherwise, go outside and play with the neighborhood cars, sport. Take a football and invite them for a game. They play tackle football.

Question #8 - Will you link to my comic?

Answer - No.

Question #9 - Are these real questions, or are you making them up on the spot?

Answer - I don't have to answer 'Yes' to that.

Question #10 - When you play the Call of Duty, what's your first perk?

Answer - The one your mother uses.

Queston #11 - Why aren't there many comics about dinosaurs?

Answer - Umm... because they're extinct? It's hard to find dinosaurs these days to model for a comic... naked.

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